LearningWalk Routine®

The LearningWalk® routine is a structured set of activities for the observation and interpretation of instruction and learning based on the Institute for Learning's Principles of Learning and focused on the instructional core - how teachers teach, how students learn, and what gets taught to whom.

The LearningWalk routine gives teachers the opportunity to set the focus for the observation and feedback. The first step of The Learning Walk routine is that principals have conversations with teachers about the walk letting them know when they will be visiting. Teachers are asked to set the focus for the observation so that the feedback aligns with the teacher's own professional learning goals.

The LearningWalk routine has a predictable structure. Every LearningWalk experience begins with a meeting to learn the teachers' foci for the walk and hear about the instruction in the visited rooms. Walkers spend 10-15 minutes in each room, followed by a short conversation in the hall after visiting each classroom. The LearningWalk ends with a debrief, feedback for the teacher and a plan for next steps.

Walkers in The Learning Walk routine are learners. They learn about instruction and learning in the content area they observe. They learn from the teacher, the students and their colleagues on the walk. In order to hold people accountable for this purpose, walkers are asked to identify a learning goal for themselves as well as next professional development steps for the school.