What We Do

The Institute for Learning focuses on what it takes for all students to become effective, enthusiastic, and independent learners, and what it takes for educators at every level to inspire, foster, and sustain high levels of achievement in their students.

We believe, and educational research confirms, that virtually all students, if they work hard at the right kinds of learning tasks, are capable of high achievement. Put simply, effort creates ability—intelligence can be grown. The IFL works from these findings to help educators modify what and how they teach, to build on the primacy of student effort, and to jettison old assumptions about innate aptitude.

The Institute for Learning works with its partners to create the conditions and capacity to support high quality classroom practice. We provide teachers, coaches, principals, and district leaders with the knowledge and tools for professional growth and excellence in the four core content areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and History/Social Studies, from pre-K through 12.

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