Lauren Resnick

Lauren Resnick Lauren Resnick is an internationally known scholar in the cognitive science of learning and instruction and was Director of the prestigious Learning Research and Development Center from 1977-2008. She has researched and written widely on the learning and teaching of literacy, mathematics, and science. Her recent work focuses on school reform, assessment, effort-based education, the nature and development of thinking abilities, and the role of talk and discourse in learning.

Dr. Resnick is founder and former director of the Institute for Learning, which bridges the domains of research and practice by conveying to educators the best of current knowledge about learning processes, principles of instruction, and the design of school systems. Dr. Resnick also co-founded the New Standards Project (1990-1999), which developed performance-based standards and assessments that widely influenced state and school district practice.

Dr. Resnick is a prolific author, a respected editor, and a frequent consultant, with appointments to many national education boards, commissions, and associations. Most recently, she was selected as the Wallace Foundation's Distinguished Lecturer at the April 2009 American Educational Research Association (AERA) conference. In mid-November, 2008, she chaired a symposium on education policy recommendations for the new presidential administration, developed by members of the National Academy of Education. Those recommendations are being compiled into a report for wide distribution among scholars, practitioners, and policymakers. She is the current and founding editor of Research Points, a publication of the AERA. Her National Academy of Sciences monograph, Education and Learning to Think, has been influential in school reform efforts, and her widely circulated Presidential Address to the American Educational Research Association, "Learning In School and Out," has shaped thinking about youth apprenticeship and school-to-work transition.

Recognized both nationally and internationally, Dr. Resnick has received multiple awards for her research, including the 2007 Award for Distinguished Contributions in Applications of Psychology to Education and Training, the 1998 E. L. Thorndike Award, both from the American Psychological Association, and the 1999 Oeuvre Award from the European Association on Research for Learning and Instruction (EARLI). In 2013, Resnick was elected to The American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Educated at Radcliffe and Harvard, Dr. Resnick has been an Overseer of Harvard University and a member of the Smithsonian Council.