Courtney Francis

Courtney Francis Courtney Francis has worked for over a decade in various areas of education technology, including marketing, communication, design, and product management, for organizations in a variety of industries. Using a human-centered design approach, she balances educational and organizational goals, while prioritizing the learner and the learning experience.

Francis received a MS in Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science from Carnegie Mellon University in 2018, supercharging her ability to design learner-centric educational tools based on cognitive science, data analysis, and technology trends.

A variety of interests and experiences have helped Francis develop creative approaches to problem solving in education. She has hosted sessions at SXSWedu, organized Startup Weekend Education Pittsburgh, and has worked with classroom teachers to address challenges with technology. Being active in improv and theatre has helped Francis maintain a sense of creativity and play.

Francis is looking forward to applying her experience in industry, startups, and academia to help IFL's online courses reflect our important research and the effectiveness of our face-to-face workshops, and to position IFL to apply our research-backed instructional methods more broadly in real-world settings. She'll use human-centered design and UX research methods to ensure IFL products meet the needs of participants and other stakeholders.