Chris Schunn

Chris Schunn Christian Schunn obtained his PhD from Carnegie Mellon in 1995. He currently co-directs the Institute for Learning (IFL) with Lindsay Clare Matsumura and Anthony Petrosky. He is a senior scientist at the Learning Research & Development Center (LRDC) and a professor of Psychology, Learning Sciences and Policy, and Intelligent Systems at the University of Pittsburgh. Having obtained over $80M in federal grants, he has led many research and design projects in science, mathematics, engineering, technology, and writing education. Schunn's current research interests include STEM reasoning (particularly studying practicing scientists and engineers) and learning (developing and studying integrations of science and engineering or science and math), neuroscience of complex learning (in science and math), peer interaction and instruction (especially for writing instruction), and engagement and learning (especially in science). He is a fellow of several scientific societies (AAAS, APA, APS) as well as a fellow and executive member of the International Society for Design & Development in Education. He has served on two National Academy of Engineering committees-K-12 Engineering Education and K-12 Engineering Education Standards. Finally, he launched a startup called Peerceptiv that is based upon his research on technology-based peer assessment in high school and college settings.

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