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Supporting Early Literacy through Text, Task, and Talk

March 21, April 11, and May 2

Join us for this interactive, research-based professional development series focused on productive classroom talk, high-quality comprehension and robust vocabulary instruction in Texas early education classrooms. The three-part series of sessions, taken together, provides a deep professional learning experience where participants will grow both pedagogical and content knowledge.

Creating Interactive Learning Experiences  in Texas Classrooms

November 2017-March 2018

Since 1995, the Institute for Learning has partnered with Texas school districts to work together in improving the education and achievement of all students – especially students of color and English learners. In fact, research has shown that IFL programs and materials not only increase student achievement, but also that English learners showed even larger gains than their native English-speaking classmates.

Coherence, Continuous Improvement and Agency: Building Better Systems to Support Diverse Learners

May 8-11, 2018

Improving learning opportunities and ensuring equity and access to quality teaching for every student begins with creating a coherent, system-wide vision of instruction and learning.  The 2018 IFL National Conference will engage educational leaders from across the country in conversations built around the coherence needed in systems to bring about school improvement for a diverse student population, which includes a focus on the development of student and teacher agency. We will provide opportunities for leaders to engage in sessions to thoughtfully examine how districts identify problems of practice and implement and refine solutions that consider and benefit every student and the rich experiences they bring with them into the classroom.

Developing an Essay Writing Repertoire

October 4-5, 2017

This two-day professional learning experience emphasizes the importance of building students’ writing repertoires so that they are able to write in flexible and effective ways. Throughout these two days, teachers develop ways to bring authenticity to student writing by expanding their notions about essay format, understand the role of mentor texts and the important role they play in writing instruction, and use mentor texts (both professional and student written) as learning tools. Teachers will leave this session with a toolkit to increase authenticity in student writing and for supporting students’ revision.