Instructional Leadership

The IFL also offers coaching support for senior administrators around instructional problems of practice. Our most customized service, this on-site coaching occurs with individuals or small groups. No matter the size of the problem – from a need for talk in pre-K classrooms to revising curriculum, we work with senior leaders to refine their craft and amplify their efforts to be even more organized and effective.

Our coaching helps leaders:

    • develop and articulate a common vision for high quality instruction in the content areas
    • develop and implement system-wide approaches to improve the quality of instruction in the content areas
    • align instructional and assessment initiatives and professional development to the district’s vision of high quality instruction in the content areas
    • collect and use multiple forms of data to inform instructional decisions and policies, develop professional learning systems, and evaluate the effectiveness of instructional and assessment initiatives
    • conduct curriculum and program reviews for alignment to 21st century standards, best practices in the content areas, and the district’s vision of high-quality instruction

Teaching Tools

Performance Based Assessments

The IFL’s PBAs in ELA, history, mathematics, and science prepare students for 21st century assessments and help teachers identify what students know and can do and determine next steps for instruction.

Formative Assessment Tools

The IFL’s content-specific tools and routines assist teachers to use multiple means of assessment to determine what students know and where they need additional support.

Discussion Tools

The IFL has been in the business of helping teachers foster academically productive student talk for 20 years. We have a suite of content-specific and cross-content tools designed to cultivate student collaboration and productive student talk.

Text and Task Analysis Tools

The IFL’s content-specific tools assist teachers to analyze the quality of texts and tasks for alignment with 21st century standards and the potential to build students’ knowledge of core concepts in the content areas.

Lesson Planning Tools

The IFL’s content-specific lesson planning tools assist educators to design instruction that advances students’ learning and engages students in the intellectual struggle of learning.

Instructional Planning Tools

The IFL’s content-specific instructional materials advance student learning, assist teachers to enact high-quality instruction, and provide educators with a model of coherent and challenging curricula.