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What is the Institute for Learning?

The Institute for Learning (IFL) works to ensure that every student – especially those traditionally underserved due to income, race, and language – has access to high-level texts, tasks, and high-quality learning opportunities to build the critical thinking and deep reasoning skills that are required for success. We believe that the way to achieve equitable and sustainable change is to focus on coherent, evidence-based learning for all educators across an educational system.

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Bridges to Learning, IFL’s weekly blog, connects educators with knowledge and research that shows every student can learn when provided cognitively challenging instructional opportunities and learning environments can flourish when collaboration is valued, voice is honored, and agency is realized.

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humanizing rigorous ELA instruction through the process of building relationships with students

Planning for Charting In and Across Lessons

June 6, 2023

Check out our second article about charting, one of our favorite learner-centered routines! We consider charting a learner-centered routine because the act of charting allows in-the-moment thinking to be documented so that it can be revisited, revised, and refined over the course of a lesson and across lessons. In this article we share some questions that can be used in the planning process to think about what and when to use charting.

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Dallas ISD Student + Teacher Design Collaborative on Race and Racism

This publication highlights the voices of Dallas Independent School District (ISD) middle and high school students and teachers who participated in the Dallas ISD Student + Teacher Design Collaborative on Race and Racism. Over a three-month period, teachers and students met to listen deeply to each others’ experiences with race and racism and develop classroom lessons about racial identity. The Collaborative was created as part of the Network for School Improvement, a partnership between Dallas ISD and the Institute for Learning.