Grade 10 Classroom Task Set: Research Simulation

To get started, please watch the video for an overview of the Classroom Task Set.

This short, five-minute video will explain the purpose and goals of the 3 major sections of the Classroom Task Set.

It begins with the end in mind by discussing the PARCC assessments. It then describes the next two sections, Guided Lessons and Independent Tasks, and how each supports students' preparation and engagement in the assessments. Toward this end, the Independent Tasks support the same learning goals as the PARCC assessments, and the Guided Lessons assist students toward successful independent work on the Independent Tasks. In this structure, then, teachers will use Guided Lessons to prepare students for the Independent Tasks and the PARCC assessments.

Please watch the video for an overview regarding this structure. If you’d like to see a visual representation, click the Overview: Instruction Toward CCSS link under the video. Then, to explore the Guided Lessons and Independent Tasks in detail, click the links at the top of the page.